Friday, August 26, 2005

Getting to grips with learning styles

eLearning researcher Stephen Downes calls this paper "a good introduction for practicing teachers and instructors". One reason it's worth a look is that it refers in areas to the pedagogy of the online student in relation to learning styles. The introduction says,
"This booklet gives teachers and trainers in vocational education and training some easily digestible information about learning styles. It provides practical tips on how to identify students' learning styles, and how to respond to individuals and groups based on their preferred methods of learning. There is not a 'best' theory about learning styles; however, understanding learning styles theories helps teachers to observe their students more systematically and be more methodical in experimenting with alternative teaching approaches."

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  1. Kate,
    Students definitely have different learning preferences. I think one of the most important advantages of elearning is the ability to provide multiple channels for learning (lectures, podcasts, quizzes, games) consolidated with conversation (chat, discussion boards, blogs, email, phone, F2F). Then it is important to give them quick feedback so they can assess if the channel they like is effective.