Thursday, June 23, 2011


Now this is fresh. Someone who spammed SCoPE is concerned that he is receiving too much email from the site and is asking for my help. 

Fortunately, spam is rare on the SCoPE site. One reason is that it takes time, energy, and a working email address for someone to create an account. The other is that I'm usually monitoring the site and am very quick to hit the delete button if anything suspicious pops up. 

In this case I must have missed deleting the spammer's account so I'm grateful for the head's up! Maybe I should send him a few hundred email messages to let him know I've taken care of his inbox issue. :-)

ROSVIZ Graphic Facilitation Workshop

Sylvia Currie here! Social Reporter for the upcoming Graphic Facilitation Workshop in beautiful Rossland, British Columbia. This will be my second time attending the workshop facilitated by Nancy White and Michelle Laurie. This year I was hesitating about attending, not for lack of interest, but for all the usual reasons that never seem important after a missed opportunity: time and budget challenges, too many projects, summer plans, etc etc. Earlier this month Nancy and Michelle crowned me with the title of "social reporter". How could I resist that! I'll be working hard to get the word (and of course visuals) out about what we're up to over the 3-day workshop.

This is what I had to say about last year's workshop (written to someone inquiring about the event, then posted as a testimonial
I have so many good things to say about the workshop I don’t know where to begin! Nancy White, who will be leading this workshop, is the best facilitator I know. She is so much fun, and really knows how to keep everybody engaged. She really knows how to observe, and shift activities according to the needs of the group. 
I don’t know if you already know Michelle Laurie, but one thing I love about her is that she is ready and willing to jump in and take risks. We both tippy-toed into the last Rossland workshop because we felt a little weak on, well, talent! But we found others in the same situation, and Nancy encouraged us to toss all inhibitions out the door. 
I think this workshop would be AMAZING for someone with artistic ability because your focus would be on facilitation, and how to best capture dialogue. I came to the workshop with facilitation experience, but focussed in on the basics of how to draw — create space, convey ideas, use icons, add depth, etc etc. 

Last year we gathered some photos in Flickr and we've kept in touch in Facebook.

I just heard that there were 2 cancellations, so if this workshop is of interest to you (and why wouldn't it be?!!) please join us!