Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Visual Practice Community

My awareness of graphic facilitation and recording practices began with Nancy White. As with all of Nancy's passions, she began sharing her ideas and artefacts, inviting others to draw with her, and connecting people who showed interest. I recall at least 3 Northern Voice sessions with Nancy, one where she co-facilitated with Barbara Ganley and we all ended up dancing. You had to be there!

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That lead me to others who were exploring these facilitating and recording methods. Rachel Smith gathered a group at Moose Camp to explore working on the iPad just a few weeks after it went on the market. That's where I met Michelle Laurie, who went on to organize many fabulous workshops with Nancy White in Rossland, British Columbia. (Another one is coming up July 17-18, 2014. GO!!!)

Michelle Laurie and I co-facilitated a Drawing on Walls session at Northern Voice, and also practiced by providing a sandbox to record Moose Camp sessions all day. People joined in. Session leaders hugged us. It was fun!

Not everybody got it. I remember showing a photo to my sister of the graphic recording a group of us did of Alan Levine's ETUG keynote. She said "That means nothing to me". Could be a sister thing :-) But that began a tradition of doing graphic recording at every ETUG workshop, so I think it's safe to say that most people get it, and enjoy it!

Anyway, following a fantastic 2-day workshop jointly organized by BCcampus and University of British Columbia back in September, 2013, we decided it's time to think about forming a Visual Practice Community. 

The first meet-up is February 18, 2014 at the SFU Surrey Campus and you're invited! Sign up here, and show up here