Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cutting Edge BEtreat: Leadership Roles

Notes from the Leadership Team's first meeting

During the Cutting Edge BEtreat, we were asked to choose a leadership role. I pair up with other workshop participants to take on the role of Social Reporter. Here's a bulleted summary of that experience.

What did happen?

  • A little activity on twitter #betreat12
  • 250+ photos
  • Short "how goes it" video interviews
  • Storify (in progress)
  • Some video to capture the experience
  • We took personal notes that might be shared publicly through our own blogs

What happens next?

  • Finish uploading, describing, tagging photos
  • Edit video interviews and upload to private space. Add links to wiki.
  • Create an experience video (if time)
  • Complete Storify to have an archive of tweets. Embed in wiki.
  • Look for blog posts from BEtreat participants to add to Storify.

Enablers / General observations

  • Everyone so willing and enthusiastic about quick interviews
  • Lots of fun to capture. Dancing in the streets!
  • Endless possibilities. Lots of rich content
  • Early conversations around concerns - what is appropriate to share were very useful in guiding our social reporting approach
  • Lots of potential for everyone to engage in the social reporting role through tags
  • Being in both places (twitter and Grass Valley) didn't always feel natural
  • Some evidence of engagement people outside the cutting edge group, but not a lot
  • We didn't feel pressured in our roles - were able to be realistic and be present

Challenges / Considerations for next time

  • Normally would have made use of data plan for sending out photos through twitter, etc but was uncertain about international costs
  • Internet connection issues - was more time consuming to upload. Lots of starts and stops
  • Just a handful are twitter users, including members of the social reporting team
  • Made assumptions about use of free services as a way to share our photos (e.g. not many are Flickr users).
  • Logistics around using free, public services for video
  • Taking time to explain the how part of what we're doing
  • Could have done more with online participants!
  • Time consuming to do a good job. Would love to do more with video editing but cautious about making too many promises
  • The leadership group didn't have responsibility for a buddy, perhaps led to not feeling as connected
  • Social connections to online participants - create a social backchannel? (Idea can be expanded to capturing notes)
  • Remain realistic about what we can do next
  • Objective is to help build connections so that here is more potential for future interactions, but don't impose any structure.
  • Wondering about importance of externalization of the event (say, through twitter) - what's the best approach?
  • Gather feeds, embed content on the Communication Channels page