Monday, July 11, 2011

RosViz Social Reporting

The last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind with planning, organizing, traveling, presenting, facilitating... It's the usual stuff that goes with my job, except lately a new, fun piece has been added to the mix. Drawing on walls! And not that I needed to have any more fun, but now something else has been added to the list: Social reporting!

I mentioned earlier that I will be participating this week in the Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Rossland, BC, facilitated be Nancy White and Michelle Laurie. I'm getting pretty good at packing supplies for these trips. This time in addition to the rolls of paper, variety of markers, coloured chalk, tape, xacto knife, etc I'll be bringing along a bag of items to support my roll as social reporter: video camera, iphone, laptop, cables, etc. I've also been reading up the role of the social reporter. Michelle pointed me to this report that has some good tips: Social Reporting from Conferences, Workshops and Other Events: A practical guide for organisers. It also has a good definition of social reporting:
Social reporting is a set of skills and tools mixing journalism, facilitation and social media to report collectively and live from an event, capture the moments of the event and develop interactive conversations.
I'm realizing that this concise sentence packs in a lot of skills and responsibility! I'm not a particularly fast writer, nor a brilliant multi-tasker. My photography could use some help, too. Hmmm, right person for the job? We'll see!

We have a few of the basics in place:
Photo by Nancy White, taken at RosViz 2010
What else do we need? So many questions are beginning to whirl around in my head. Should I set up a separate ROSVIZ blog? What about possibilities for using Google+?
Getting ready for a road trip to Rossland, BC for a graphic facilitation workshop with +Nancy White and Michelle Laurie and thinking about how G+ might fit into the social reporting equation
Do you have experience with social reporting? Any advice to share? Whatever happens I plan to keep Nancy's concern in mind:
My worry? Distraction across too many media. So how do we keep it simple?
Oh, and more about my drawing on walls adventures will be posted soon!

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