Monday, July 4, 2011

Merging Blogs

There's a bit of a history to this move, but the What's New blog, previously and also better known as Pink Flamingo Resources, is now here at Webbed Feat. It took me awhile to get up the courage to press that import button. Blogger Help has the basics of how to export and import xml fies, but I still had a lot of questions:

  • Will the post dates be maintained? 
  • What about the tags (labels)? 
  • How will this impact RSS feeds, both from What's New and Webbed Feat? 
  • Will places like the ETUG community suddenly have over 800 blog posts dating back to 2005 showing up in the activity stream? 

The one-and-only Pink Flamingo
After some research I was confident that merging the two blogs would be quick and easy. I even found a very clever workaround for moving away from the What's New blog without impacting the current subscribers (which is different from "followers", but there are very few readers using that option).

So after sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the import to finish, I checked my blog and was so impressed that everything worked. Oh but wait! Here's the question I forgot to ask: Will the blog post authors stay intact? Turns out the answer is NO! Now it appears as if I wrote all of these imported posts, when in fact Kate Britt (aka Pink Flamingo) should be showing up as author for everything prior to April, 2009. Then after that we had a few posts from ETUG members, such as Amanda Coolidge and Leva Lee. Oh well, if you want to check those details you can always go back to the What's New blog. I'll leave everything intact over there. Meanwhile, thanks for reading the newly-merged blog!

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