Sunday, April 9, 2006

Podcast Station

"Podcast Station is Win 2k and XP compatible software. It is built on the professional, award winning VoxPro platform, a product sold worldwide and used in radio broadcasting news and control rooms to record and edit phone calls and other stereo audio on the fly for quick turn around to air. VoxPro Podcast Station is a single screen program that will record, mix, edit and publish your podcasts. It provides an easy to use production solution taking you from the start of a podcast to publishing on the net on one screen. It’s like having a broadcast console on your computer. No need for mixers, amplifiers, compressor-limiters, it's all built in and easy to use. On screen buttons can be assigned music, sound effects and interviews from MP3, WAV, WMA,AIFF, whatever, with the ability to play them back while recording your podcast."

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