Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Techpod, Podcast for Teachers

A great site for you Podcast listeners. From Fordham RETC (see post below). The link above is to the current episode, or you can go directly to the Episode list to access the archive of topics discussed with brief descriptions (all about PODCASTING FOR TEACHERS).

RETC has also built up an extensive archive of podcasts on a wide variety of Education topics under the heading Educational Technology Resources Discussed on TechPod.

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  1. Thanks, for looking over the resources at our podcast resource site! Kate. We just posted our 17th episode of Podcast for Teachers!
    You are doing a great service bringing together resources with a very different perspective through your work!

    We now have a few more items you may be interested in ....
    Check out the Elibrary!

    and our new podcast Adventures in Transformative Learning

    Greetings from NY.
    One of my favorite places is BC