Monday, June 11, 2018

Learn by [bad] example

We just kicked off a new one-week course at BCcampus called 'Create your course intro video' today. I'm co-facilitating this FLO MicroCourse with the amazing Robin Leung, senior systems specialist at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Teaching & Learning Commons.

Robin and I decided ahead of time that he would post a good video, and I would post a video that, well, sucks. I had fun demonstrating just about every mistake you can make!

It was a risky move because I don't let on until the end that I'm intentionally making bad video. Fortunately, Christina Thomas from Yukon College got it!

I almost didn't last until the end when you let the "cat out of the bag". 

So what did I do wrong in this video? Here's a start on a list. I'll keep adding as more comments roll in:

  • Um, don't call your students "folks" or "guys"
  • My opening words, the tone, and the HAT make you think I’d rather be doing something else. 
  • I did a terrible job of lighting – never have the light behind your head. And also don't wear a hat that covers your face!
  • The background setting is nasty – ugly, dirty tarp outside the window, a pile of stuff on a bench...
  • Background noise! I grabbed a recording of dogs barking from BBC Sound Effects because my own dogs were sleeping.
  • I read my script, rustled paper, and rarely looked at the camera. 
  • I told my viewers all about course elements instead of actually show them.  
  • I used my phone and held it vertically. Never do this! Only horizontal! 
  • I move around to give that Blair Witch effect. 
What else? Can you add to the list of what NOT to do?

Sign up by Monday, June 11, 2018 (today!) if you'd like to join the fun - it's open and free.

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