Friday, March 23, 2018

Facilitator Development Online

Registration is open for the Facilitator Development Online course which runs May 7-18, 2018. This is an intensive 2-week program to prepare you to facilitate FLO workshops. 

I will be co-facilitating this course with Ross McKerlich from Okanagan College, along with other FDO alumni who might wish to step in to help out. This is what I love about FLO -- the ongoing collaboration to keep the facilitation spirit and skills 'fLO'wing! 

Ross facilitating some facilitators on the topic of...guess...facilitation
This free workshop experience embraces important elements of a vibrant community of practice and open educational practices: 
  • There is no cost to enrol, only a polite ask for commitment.
  • The course remains open to participants after the completion date. After all, the workshop experience is really all about what the learners contribute -- rich discussions, and artefacts they plan to re-use in their own facilitation. 
  • Participants are invited to return to participate or assist in future workshops, also at no cost.
  • The learning experience relies on the distributed expertise of the members.
  • The workshop facilitators take on the typical tasks: welcome, model, clarify, support, advance dialogue, etc. However, the to-become-facilitators share that role, and are invited practice.
  • During the workshop we often reach out to engage groups and individuals outside the workshop
  • Past FDO alumni are encouraged to share back -- new ideas, experiences with implementation, etc.
  • The workshop space is available to registrants only. However, everyone is encouraged to share out using social media.
  • There is no pressure to "complete" -- the learner decides when the outcomes have been met.
  • Discussions about how to improve the workshop experience are encouraged and ongoing
  • It's all about what individuals are willing to invest. The opportunity to take facilitation to the next level is always there!
Do you want to take facilitation to the next level? I hope to see you in FDO! 

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