Sunday, May 15, 2016

Festival of Learning

Have you registered yet?

I'm busy preparing for a 3-hour Festival of Learning "session" with Sylvia Riessner and Leonne Beebe. It's actually more like a workshop but at this conference that label is reserved for sessions that require advance registration. In any case, it's a workshop, and you're invited!

The format is very similar to the 90 minute session we did recently at the ABEABC conference except we have the luxury of time to explore the topics in more depth.

Here's the description from the Festival Schedule:

Limited to 20 Participants (First-Come, First-In)

The 5-week Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) workshop enables participants to learn and practice facilitation skills to effectively support learning online. This session introduces the FLO model and offers you opportunities to examine and share the challenges and strategies involved in online facilitation. As well, you will explore various design approaches to creating engaging online learning activities to be used in FLO, and in your own practice. Expect to leave with a bag full of activity ideas and new energy to design more!

Leonne Beebe, Associate Professor, University of Fraser Valley
Sylvia Currie, Professional Learning, Bccampus
Sylvia Riessner, Consultant, Educomm

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