Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Wendy McElroy from Camosun College gave a shout out about this tool via Twitter as one of the fun Web 2.0 tools she wants to try. Ediscio is a free service for creating and sharing flashcards online. Ediscio is useful for individuals and for studying in groups. You can also share your cardboxes with others. Here is a list of main features:
  • Create and share flashcards online
  • Work collaboratively on flashcard sets
  • Enrich flashcards by images (upload), videos, and LaTeX-based math formulas, and many text formatting possibilities (Word-like interface)
  • Automatic, customizable learning schedule according to Leitner system
  • Query modes which help focusing on weak spots
  • Query options include swapping of question and answer, and an automatic comparison mode
  • Learning statistics as tag-cloud, based on keywords which are assigned to flashcards
  • Visualization of learning progress as a diagram
  • Long-term statistics and after each learning session
  • Rights management for each cardbox
  • Catalog of all cardboxes which are configured for public access
  • Import, export, (XLS, CSV, Html) and print flashcards
  • Social network features like making friends, mail; and automatically finding experts for specific keywords among friends
  • Classroom features which help a teacher to assign cardboxes to a whole class
  • Newsfeed about activities in cardboxes of class
  • Learning statistics which relate to a whole class

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