Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jacquim - who else?

Jacquim - who else?
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At Northern Voice '09 I attended a session with Laura Blankenship, Barbara Ganley and Nancy White called "Doing the Limbo: Navigating the space in between - Create relationships, not distance". We were asked to partner up and draw a person together. The rules were:

  • Don't speak.
  • Draw as much as you want, then hand you marker to your partner.
  • Continue to do this until one of you decides it is finished.
  • Then invent a name for your person, alternating letters with your partner.
  • Mutually decide when the drawing is finished.

Alfred Ping and I drew Jacquim. I had never met Alfred. We both agreed that this drawing (and name!) was not something we would have ever come up with in isolation. It just goes to show that working together can lead to something quite different than what you might create on your own.

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