Friday, August 29, 2008

A poem about SCoPE

In our current seminar discussion at SCoPE, Developing a Professional Development Collaboratory, we are talking about the qualities of PD opportunities/sites that keep us coming back. This discussion is part of a preliminary design process to create an integrated service for individuals and institutions seeking or offering professional development opportunities and resources. I think we're often too quick to jump to the look, functionality, and efficiency of a site to serve up what we need. Look what we were treated to this week!

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers contributed
this poem about SCoPE and I just had to pull it out and post it here. I think this is an example of what keeps people coming back.
Willing to login, take a chance in the mix,
Read, feel the thought, now what to write,
Welcome even lurkers who respond here and there.
"Scope Professional Development I now declare.
Electrified by flow -- human flow appendage by appendage.
Great online resource with wiki attached, go-writers-go
Nurturing healthy online veins and arteries to the heart
Of Polls and Scoopers on Scope, Yes we can!
Some carry questions and curious creations to what end.
Into the collective wiki, okay, that's good. Amen.
Respond and collaboratively blend. Thank you and you.
Redistributing opportunities for all to learn.
Renewed back in the hearts of lifelong ... Scope friends.
by Jo Ann
The seminar runs until August 31st, and like all SCoPE events newcomers, latecomers, and passersby are always welcomed.

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