Thursday, March 6, 2008

Way off topic (not about education)

I couldn't resist posting this. I call it Journey by Flamingo. The creator calls it "Passage to Zhong Fu".

Created by filmguy1105.

"Passage to Zhong Fu was originally made for the 48 Hour Film Project in Second Life but since I work for Millions of Us, one of the sponsors of the event, our team wasn't eligible to compete. That said, making this film, for me, was never about any kind of competition. Rather it was all about having a focused opportunity to create something with a set of artistic constraints not under your control. That's the competition - one against yourself - that I'm always interested in pursuing."

Verdi Millionsofus - Director, Producer & Editor
Poid Mahovlich - Actor, Landscaper, Set designer, props
duckyfresh Watanabe - Actor, Wardrobe, Props, Flamingo Trainer
Dizzy Banjo - Music

Damanios Thetan - Flamingo Animator
BETLOG Hax - Volcano Sculpts
Green Fate - Special Effects
Sebastian Saramago - Special Effects

A Monolith Production

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