Monday, February 5, 2007

Instructional Scenarios Wiki for WebCT Vista

Topics included are Content, Communication, Course Management, Evaluation. Lots of good tips 'n' tricks here!
"This site is designed and maintained by the Teaching Technology Services group of Instructional Multimedia Services of McGill University. This wiki describes how to use WebCT Vista to do complex instructional tasks using multiple tools. We (the Teaching Technology Services staff) built this wiki to explore the potential of the technology and to experiment with collaborative group work. These instructional scenarios are meant as a complement to the WebCT Vista manuals and do not duplicate any information from them. "

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  1. Kate,
    How are ya? Our paths have crossed before, I just can't remember where or when...Where's the rest of the wiki? What a great project! I'm looking forward to seeing more. I'm blogging on another vein, more personally "The Life of a Course Management Administrator"

    Laura Gekeler