Sunday, March 5, 2006

Contemporary Online Teaching Cases

This site "... has been designed to help teachers work creatively and productively in their online teaching. Each of the cases locate new media and online technologies in the context of broader views of what it means to teach and learn effectively in different disciplines and professional fields in tertiary education. ...We hope the site provides you with plenty of ideas on how to develop and use new media/new technologies in your teaching."

The menu is good for drilling down to see the topics/cases you're most interested in. One example: I went to Approaches To Learning > Activity Based Learning and found this case study: "Using online multimedia to help student teachers develop post-primary curriculum and teach art and graphic design. ...This case illustrates the use of rich multimedia and online discursive activities to enhance students' learning and curriculum development skills in visual arts education."

Each case/topic is presented in voice segments, and many provide text transcripts of those audio clips.

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