Sunday, March 20, 2005


Even people who use Google every day have no idea of the extent of their features, or how to make the best use of them. This site is devoted to helping us learn the tricks to expand our Google experience. Mark Fleming just started this site this month, and it's already got some good goodies :). Like, check out his entry on how to use GMail as an extra 1 Gb drive on your own Windows machine. Groovy.

When I’ve told others of the vast features and formidable power of Google tools, they are quite frankly astonished. ....This is why I decided to create Not only will I be able to help readers to understand more about Google, but in the process I’ll learn more about it myself. Is that my only motive? Yes. I honestly just love Google! ... Within months, we’ll have a nice database of information from which you can draw. Keep reading, submit any tips you might have, and feel free to comment on each blog entry through the comments form.

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