Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks to all the Volunteer Facilitators

For the past 10 years I've been organizing online events that have relied entirely on volunteers. It's almost impossible to count the number of people who have generously offered their time and expertise, but I thought I would try!

Here are 151 individuals who have facilitated a free and open scheduled discussion or special interest group. The archives of almost all of these events are available in SCoPE (2005-present), Global Educators' Network (1999-2003), and the ETUG community (live session archives since 2008).

Nalin Abeysekera
Terry Anderson
Walter Archer
Jennison Asuncion
Paul Bacsish
Michael Barbour
Paul Beaufait
Alice Bedard-Voorhees
Marc Belanger
Gina Bennett
John Biss
Curtis Bonk
Deirdre Bonnycastle
Alain Breuleux
Monica Brewer
Kate Britt
Liz Burge
Tom Calvert
Tom Carey
Tia Carr Williams
Alice Cassidy
Becky Chan
Cindy Chang
Danny Chen
Ronee Cheung
Derek Chirnside
Tony Chiu
Stephanie Chu
Grainne Conole
Joanne Curry
Michelle Daly
Alan Davis
Ignatia De Waard
Manon Desjarlais
Nellie Deutsch
John Dill
Heather Dow
Arpad Dragffy
Catherine Fichten
Finola Finlay
Brian Fisher
Hedy Fu
Elaine Garofoli
Randy Garrison
Linda Gibson
Geoffrey Glass
Dafne Gonzalez
Walter Greyvenstein
Michael Griffith
Jean Gunderson
Sarah Haavind
Linda Harasim
Paul Hardy
Cher Hill
Sandy Hirtz
Sherry Hsi
Susan Huang
Rosey Hudson
Gary Hunt
Jesai Jayhmes
Jennifer Jones
June Kaminski
Heather Kanuka
Jeffrey Keefer
Deborah Kerr
Lukas Klose
Therese Laferriere
Ellen Lai
Brian Lamb
Scott Leslie
Shevy Levy
Jennifer Lieberman
Frances Long
Max Luk
Ian Macleod
Alice MacPherson
Kathleen Matheos
Paul Mayes
Rory McGreal
Dan McGuire
Sandra McKenzie
Errol Miller
Denise Mok
Sasikumar Mukundan
Vivian Neal
John Nesbit
Bonnie Ng
Rick Nigol
Sunni Nishimura
Nick Noakes
Susanne Nyrop
Claudio Orea
Naghmeh Ostadmalek
William Owen
Luke Pacholski
Rena Palloff
Gilbert Paquette
Linda Polin
Michael Power
Keith Pratt
Laura Proctor
Nancy Randall
Shawna Reibling
Griff Richards
Margaret Riel
Toni Roberts
Tracy Roberts
Sue Roseman
Heather Ross
Vivian Rossner
Liam Rourke
Rick Rupp
Gilly Salmon
Janet Salmons
Steve Scadding
Richard Schwier
Amy Severson
Stanley Shapiro
George Siemens
Richard Smith
John Smith
Paul Stacey
Will Stacey
Vance Stevens
Denise Stockley
Bronwyn Stuckey
Lucio Teles
Jason Toal
Jim Vanides
Ben Varner
Bruno Vernier
Chris Villarruel
Elizabeth Wallace
Therese Weel
Paul Wei
Derek Wenmoth
Marsha West
Nancy White
David Wiley
Lynda Williams
Stone Wiske
Sue Wolff
Jenkin Wong
Jim Woodell
Jacqueline Wu
Cindy Xin
Jennifer Yang
Sean Yeh
Osmar Zaiane
Ke Zhang


  1. Wow...I can barely remember my kids names on a good day. Kudos to you for keeping track of all of them.

  2. @Clint Say, how many kids do you have again? I'm so worried that I'm forgetting someone on this list. Hope that doesn't happen to you! LOL