Thursday, June 4, 2009

Invitation to ETUG members

Now that Kate Britt has passed the torch to ETUG to continue to maintain this resource blog we have some work to do! Since April when I outlined some of the next steps in the transition from pink to green, I've been working alongside Kate to make some changes to the blog. For example, you may have noticed it is now green! :-) Not quite the right colour to match our ETUG logo but hey, it's all work in progress. I also added the ETUG blogroll, but we're obviously missing many. If you are a blogger please let us know about it. And look at the cool badge Kate made for us! Feel free to grab it for your own website.

Now comes the real fun. We will start using this blog to post resources we come across that we feel are of interest to ETUG members, and the many, many other followers of this blog. Kate has prepared a short tutorial on using Google toolbar to post. This makes adding resources a snap. There is also a ready-made taxonomy which has worked well over the years for categorizing resources. Of course, we can always expand on this.

How do YOU contribute to the blog? Request author access by leaving a comment or emailing me ( We can have up to 100 authors. Don't worry; it doesn't have to be a lifetime commitment. :-)

Obviously there is more work to do as we make this transition. We'll no doubt want to change the URL to something like, or possibly move away from blogger altogether. Meanwhile, let's settle in and work together to keep the blog active!

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