Sunday, June 1, 2008

ETUG Spring Workshop MOMENTS

  • Awe: watching Steve DiPaola's plenary presentation
  • Belly laugh: Adding up scores during the game of 21 and Frank Fucile says "I'm not very good at primary numbers" then...pause..."I'm not sure what that means"
  • Normal: That I was good at the refreshments activity
  • Regret: Not having a chance to chat with every single ETUGer
  • Fun Chaos: Shooting "The Hair Rant" during Mike Minion's Grassroots Video session
  • Inspiring: How Michelle Kearns managed to get a room full of people to reflect, apply, share, dance, and laugh
  • Surprising: Amanda Harby can sing!
  • Fun to watch: The graffiti board
  • Grateful: That there are some artifacts of our great time together
  • Biggest Compliment: From Liz Wallace "You are a plastic thingy"

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