Thursday, May 29, 2008

ETUG 2008 Spring Workshop

I always look forward to the annual spring workshop organized by the British Columbia Educational Technology Users Group. This year's theme is CREATIVITY
It will be really difficult to decide which sessions to participate in. Notice I said participate in rather than attend. With this group it's impossible to be passive; it's a roll your sleeves up kind of deal.

During the keynote presentation Liane Gabora left us with some very relevant advice for fostering creativity:
Some spaces scream out I'm perfect the way I am; don't touch me. Find spaces that invite you to wonder, play, and experiment.

Seek out people that put a new spin on things, get you thinking

Technology can be gratuitously creative or inspired; it can genuinely reconfigure people's worldviews
The setting is perfect for putting some of this into action over the next 2 days. The venue workshop is Emily Carr University where we are surrounded by art, spaces where art is created, and people thinking about art. Now add 110 or so educational technologists to the mix and who knows what we'll come up with!

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