Monday, March 2, 2009 - Integer Generator

Generate a randome list of integers. Not being a math person, I can't imagine a use for this, but for some reason I thought this was rather a fun resource.

I will tell you a WORD application for this site, sent my way by an editor colleague, James Harbeck. (quoting him)
To randomize a list of words:
1. Paste them into one column in an Excel sheet.
2. Go to and have it generate as many numbers as you have words in one column. (It generates each one
randomly, so there can be duplicates, but that's not a big problem for what we're doing.)
3. Paste that into the next column.
4. Sort the data by the column with the numbers.

The same site also has a bunch of other fun tools, like (to name only a few)
Coin Flipper
Die Roller
Playing Card Shuffler
Lottery Quick Pick
Keno Quick Pick
Jazz Scale Generator
Bitmap Generator
Sound Generator
Integer Generator
Sequence Generator
String Generator
List Randomizer
Possible Lessnesses (say what?)

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