Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blog: BlackBoard & WebCT Are One

Posted today to the webct users list:
The purpose of this blog is to start the discussion about what we would like to see from this new "joint" company. I have posted such questions as...What are the best tools found in Webct? What are the worst tools found in Webct? and many others.

I am hoping to build this blog into an area where blackboard users, webct user and open source users can have a voice which I hope will be heard by the developers of the new platform which will merger from the joining of the two largest LMS in the world. At first I was a little cynical and thought that money is going to dictate the look of the next LMS but with a strong enough united voice we might be able to have some influence. Anyways...let see if we can make it happen.

Darren Cannell, Assistant Principal
Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School

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