Sunday, May 29, 2005

Electronic Portfolio FAQs

Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D is an internationally-known expert on Electronic Portfolio Development for learners of all ages.
I frequently receive e-mails asking different questions about electronic portfolios. I realize that many of the answers are buried on my website. So this page contains links to specific pages or websites where these answers can be found.
See also Dr. Barrett's blog: E-Portfolios for Learning.
I have created this blog to discuss my ideas on electronic portfolios to support lifelong learning. I hope to share some of my concerns about the current direction of electronic portfolios in High Education and K-12 schools.
Hear Dr. Barrett in a recorded webcast: Portfolios in High Schools - to "e" or not to "e". BC describes this recorded webcast:
Dr. Helen Barrett, keynote speaker for the BCEd Online Conference in April, gives a brief overview of the literature on the electronic portfolio development process and highlights several strategies that enable reflection: blogging and digital storytelling.

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