Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FLO Design Sprint

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What happens when you put a group of experienced, energetic facilitators in a room for a couple days? They whip together a curriculum plan for the future of Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) workshops!
Thanks to hosting by the CTET at Royal Roads University, and generous contribution of time and expertise by FLO facilitators, our first design sprint was extremely fruitful.

FLO Sprint p2p
Thanks to Tracy Kelly for the awesome participatory graphic wall!

Who sprinted

Three of our FLO facilitators were unable to join the sprint in person, but that didn’t stop them from contributing in other ways.

What we accomplished

  • A clear and mutual understanding of our purpose, principles, participants, structure, and FLO Sprint whiteboardpractices (thanks to the P2P Liberating Structure)
  • A thorough review of current themes and activities in FLO
  • A redesign plan for the FLO workshop
  • Clear intended learning outcomes (ILOs)
  • Drafts of 3 new facilitation team activity descriptions
  • Revisions and additions to the FLO Facilitator guide
  • A sketch of what a new workshop focusing on design would look like
  • A business model for cost-recovery, and collaboration plan between RRU and BCcampus
That’s right. We did all this in two days, folks! But the flurry of activity continues as we prepare for the roll out of the new FLO April 4 – May 6, 2016. (Registration is now open!)

FLO Sprint room
Our yellow sprint room – photo by Grant Gregson

What’s next?

For now we’re calling ourselves a Steering Committee, but this charter group of FLO facilitators is perhaps more aptly called FLO Enthusiasts. The group is committed to making sure FLO flows in the right direction. In addition to workshop (re)design and implementation, the group is:
  • considering future “going deeper” modules/mini-workshops,
  • exploring ways to author, organize and share FLO OER, and
  • making plans to support facilitators in other ways
BCcampus and Royal Roads University will continue to collaborate by:
  • coordinating the schedule of offerings to maximize opportunities for all faculty in BC
  • establishing and maintaining core curriculum for both facilitating and designing learning online)
As always, BCcampus is very interested in supporting post secondary institutions in the adoption of workshop OER, including implementation and facilitator support. Please get in touch if this is of interest! (proflearn@bccampus.ca)


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