Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get Your Moose On!

Michelle Laurie and I will be attempting to 'fly the visual flag' so to speak by carrying on the tradition started by Nancy White and Rachel Smith at previous Northern Voice conferences. We're rookies in comparison but really enthusiastic about sharing what we have learned! We hope you'll come to our Drawing on Walls session and get your hands dirty.

We'll also be setting up a sandbox at Moosecamp. We will bring supplies and provide a little coaching (and lots of enthusiasm) for participants to practice graphic recording during Moosecamp sessions.

Here's the description for our session. The schedule is TBA:
Sometimes our imaginations are sparked by a visual where words fail us. Think about when communities plan and imagine their futures, when teams consider the possible outcomes for their projects, when groups create maps to track their progress. These are all opportunities to use visuals to engage and deepen community dialogue. In this session we’ll touch the paper, play with the pens, and loosen up our drawing muscles. Warning: You will stretch beyond the confines of typing on a keyboard! Learn the basics and practice with us at Moose Camp!

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