Thursday, March 10, 2011

Open 4 Learning

The call for proposals is open for the ETUG Spring Workshop June 2 - 3.  This year the workshop will be held at Selkirk College in beautiful Nelson, British Columbia. Mountains! Lakes! I'll be packing my hiking boots and pfd.

I've been on the steering committee for ETUG since 2006, but more closely involved in all aspects of the community since 2008 when I began working at BCcampus,  the organization that provides support for ETUG activities. Historically, presenters and session leaders at ETUG Workshops were invited by the steering committee. However, in the past year the fall and spring workshop programs have been shaped through a call for proposals. I really prefer this invitation to the wider community to come forward with topic ideas, and to be innovative about session formats.

For this round I was also excited to see ETUG members engaged in brainstorming ideas for a workshop theme. Back in February, there was a flurry of activity in twitter, et voilà... the perfect theme emerged thanks to Clint Lalonde.

The beautiful logo was created by the very talented Hilda Anggraeni,  a co-op student from Simon Fraser University. Hilda also did a remarkable job guiding the distributed design by committee process!

So get your proposals in!

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