Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Turning pages

I started a new job this week! My new title is Online Community Producer for BCcampus. It feels like such a natural next step for me because I've been involved in the BC post-secondary scene for so long, at three different institutions (SFU, UCFV, NVIT), as well as in elearning and online community work. I've been a member of the online communities since day 1, and in the last year as a member of the Educational Technology Users Group Steering Committee have become more involved in community activities than ever. Because so many SCoPE activities have been organized in collaboration with BCcampus Online Communities, many members are signed up with both SCoPE and BC Marketplace and Expo. In fact it doesn't even feel like I'm beginning a new JOB. It's more like showing up to a party and being surrounded by friends with great ideas and by excellent conversation.
Today Sandy Hirtz, my predecessor, posted a farewell/welcome message to the community. I responded privately to thank her for the warm welcome and to acknowledge how much I'm benefiting from having watched her in Community Producer role over the years. Sandy wrote in her message that she plans to explore her entrepreneurial side. I'd say anyone who can manage to round up people to contribute to a 32-chapter book should explore that entrepreneurial side! Sandy's company is T2 Education Online.

Leaving my faculty position at NVIT was not an easy decision. I have learned so much from my colleagues and I'm so grateful for the experience of working in an Aboriginal institute...the beautiful Merritt campus, smudging in the morning, musicians by the centre fire, learning about history and life's priorities through the Elders, amazing students (especially our fun practicum and summer Moodle projects!), caring instructors... Thankfully, I will still have many reasons to connect with these people for the years to come.

So I'm turning the page, but still have many earlier pages dog-eared and important memories underlined.


  1. Sylvia,

    I just want to wish you well in your new job. I know that you will do great.

  2. @heather Thanks for the well wishes! First week was a blast.