Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm a Canadian Educational Blogger

Scott Leslie comments on the recent list of Canadian Educational Bloggers posted by Alec Couros "Maybe this will prompt them out of slumber". Earlier today Heather Ross just came right out and said in her twitter to me "get on it". :-) Heather has included me as a guest in her upcoming list of podcast episodes and threatens, "when you're on the podcast I will be linking to your blog".

Well as you can see, it's working! Getting started on blogging has been an interesting process for me. I literally read and write all day long. (Sometimes I speak! But not as often as you educators who head to a campus every day.) I'm active in online communities and deal with huge volumes of email and it seems I just don't have the umph at the end of the day to blog. I can hear my friend Heather now: So blog in the morning! This slumber behaviour surprises me though, and probably you if you've witnessed how I can't seem to keep quiet in other venues!

I think what I need to do to keep blogging momentum is just take one or two pieces that I write in other places and push it in this direction. Or I could just post a highlight or two from my day. I come across so many interesting people in my work that should be easy, right? I experiment with a lot of new technologies, and keeping track of what I learn would really help...well me! I often send reflection pieces on my experiences to individuals by email, so why not post them here? If I'm feeling dry, I'll just post something to help to draw attention to the good work of the many bloggers I read daily.
Hey, how hard can this be?

I always say that a great indicator of success in an online community is when people feel motivated to give back. Well this is to let my edublogging community know that I feel very motivated, thanks to all of you who have given so much :-)


  1. So happy to see you blogging. As soon as I figure out the whole recording from Skype thing we can schedule that podcast.

  2. Hey ho, look forward to it, Heather! And I see your podcast up on the list in iTunes. You go!