Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Online Workshop for Colombia Educators

I was invited by Diego Leal and Alvaro Galves to join a 12-week online workshop with educators in Colombia responsible for leading online communities and networks. The workshop was facilitated by Nancy White and John Smith and hosted on the RVT (Virtual Tutor Network) site. Deigo informs me that SCoPE was a reference point when they started RVT, which was very neat to hear.

We started with an asynchronous discussion. This gave participants an opportunity to give some background on their work and ask some questions about SCoPE. We then had a synchronous conversation moderated by Alvaro Galvis. Alvaro kindly made the recording available on esnips.

It was a great experience. For one I was in the company of terrific people! It was also fascinating to watch how they managed to bridge the language gap. There was a constant flurry of activity around transcribing and translating, and their facilitation was outstanding. Alvaro gave me a virtual tour of the RVT Moodle site ahead of time which was very helpful for getting my bearings. They've done some interesting customization to Moodle to make the site more like a community and less like a course management system.

This invitation also gave me a nudge to organize documentation around SCoPE's history. There are many bits and pieces to pull together, but I have a start here:


  1. Hi Sylvia,

    I just found this post, and wanted to say (again) thank you for accepting our invitation.

    I wasn't able to be in the online meeting, but it has been great having so many interesting people participating in our workshop.

    Like you said, SCoPE was a reference point for the design of RVT, and it still keeps giving us losts of ideas.

    I'm still a regular "lurker" :( in SCoPE, but that's the only possible option for me right now.

    Congratulations and thanks for the work you are doing with SCoPE. It really inspiring for so many of us!



  2. Thanks for the kind words, Diego! These days I'm investing a lot of time looking at ways to keep SCoPE going (financially) and these encouraging words help so much. :-)