Saturday, May 13, 2006

Beyond Text: using your voice online

Not only about podcasting. Includes other technologies for your courses -- voice chat, voice boards, voice email.
This resource demonstrates ways you can introduce online voice technologies into your course design and delivery and provide increased flexibility and engagement for learners. It can be used as an individual guide or as a resource for professional development and training sessions. There are three sections:
  • Case studies: See how teachers have used online voice tools to provide new learning opportunities for different groups of learners.
  • Facilitator guides: Gain an overview of online voice tools and how you can integrate them into teaching and learning. "The facilitator guides have been developed as an introduction to a number of voice tools and to model ways that you can integrate them into your teaching practices."
  • Future directions: Explore the future directions of voice online and how it may assist to promote new practices in innovative teaching and learning.

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