Saturday, February 4, 2006

Captivate (Macromedia)

(formerly RoboDemo) I own Quarbon ViewletBuilder for this, but I've been reading some high praise for Captivate as THE software to own when you want to prepare a screen recording (screen capture tutorial, presentation, etc.) with audio. Bruce Landon (Douglas College, Vancouver, BC) wrote in a forum:
"If your time is important for about $200 (ed pricing) you can get Captivate which works quite nicely for making high quality flash screen shots with audio (recored live or editied in). seems to work fine and with little effort."
Scott Leslie (Ed Tech Post) then tried it and responded:
"Wow - it totally rocks! I installed it, ran it and made my first screen recording in under 5 minutes. Really nice piece of software that truly put all of these others to shame, and Bruce, you were doubly right about it being worth the price just for how easy it makes doing these screen recordings. Really nice piece of software."

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  1. I found that ViewletBuilder from Qarbon is only $199 for Edu, Government, and Non-Profits...much easier to use, and pleasing graphically :)

    They also have ViewletCam and tools.