Sunday, January 22, 2006

50 ideas for Free eLearning

It's not a numbered list, but is full of good information about various free and low-cost learning environments. Starts with "5 Minute Insights" if you don't have time to read the whole document. I like the approach: outlining the types of content/communication/delivery and then commenting on each as to their role in eLearning, features, limitations, and how to do it for less.
"...A key weapon in your armoury is low cost scalable technology. Don’t panic! Whilst your budget may not stretch to commissioning a bespoke e-learning programme or buying a learning management system there is a lot you can do to make learning have an impact in your organisation. I review 15 key free or low cost technologies you can start using today to develop e and blended learning for next to nothing. From free LMSs to authoring tools, and from Podcasting to chat rooms, I’ve selected the best technologies to get you started. I also show you when and where it’s most appropriate to use them in your learning programmes. I also give you over 50 different ideas about how you could apply these technologies in your organisation to start making savings immediately and improve the effectiveness of your learning."

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