Saturday, June 25, 2005

Interactive Whiteboards

This specific technology is this blog's sole purpose. The author's request:
"Colleagues, I am looking for evidence of the use of interactive whiteboards in classroom or school in K-12: lesson plans, tips how to use them in learning and/or teaching situations, software that works well on a whiteboard, whitepapers from suppliers, contact with teachers that use them regurally. In return this blog will keep you updated."

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  1. Hi TJ,

    Actually, it wasn't my request, it was a request from Joop van Schie, the author of the blog posting I quoted and linked to. If you go back to my original post and click on the title, you'll arrive at that blog. He promised to keep his readers updated, so that's the blog to watch. Here's the link, for your convenience:

    Sorry about the confusion!