Monday, July 24, 2006

"...the world's first marketplace, launched in April of 2006, where smart educators can buy and sell original course materials. The time has finally arrived for the power of the internet to meet the power of our best educational minds." It's not just an exchange site; there are tools to help you find material and there's a "...7-Part Evaluation Process? Or, how will potential buyers know if they can trust that materials for sale are good?"


  1. I agree!

    Should try

    They actually review and accept or refuse the content prior to adding it to their 10,000 + pages...

    Not only that. It's free to submit your works for review!

  2. Just joined!

    Great stuff they have. I told them they had some errors...they gave me a free membership!!!

  3. If you guys haven't found it already, there is a website that is more about teachers HELPING teachers. It has the same idea of this teachers pay teachers stuff, but without the commercialization and teachers don't have to pay just to get lesson plans...

    We the Teachers .com is the site, and it's fabulous. It's got lots of the social aspects of places like myspace too. There is a great environment of sharing and helping, rather than trying to make a buck off of fellow teachers!

  4. Well, although I like wetheteachers, and paytheteachers, I don't have the time to review all the content these sites provide....on top of which neither has given me a dime ...

    on the other hand, I got paid within 24 hrs on and am making a couple of dollars everyday...
    no questions quality prducts...a friendly staff...and great printouts!~ is the creator--well one amongst the 1000's of teachers like me, but he's the guy to send emails and questions...cheers!